How To Troubleshoot The Roku Internet Connectivity Issues

Roku Internet connectivity issue

Steps to Fix Roku Internet Connectivity Issue:

Roku Streaming Device Is An Electronic Device Designed By An American Private Company. It Provides More Than 3000 Channels To Stream Audios As Well As Videos By Using The Internet. But Some Times User Facing Various Types Of Errors And Issues Such As Unable To Find Roku Activation Code, Remote Not Working, Internet Connectivity Issues, And How To Activate Roku Account Etc.

Roku Com Link Account And The Internet With Good Signals Are The Two Most Important Requirements For The Streaming With Roku.


  1. While Setting Up The Roku Streaming Device, You Require Connecting The Device To Your Home Network As You Connect Your PC Or Mobile Device.
  2. Choose Your Wireless Network Name As Well As entering The Right Password.
  3. As A Result, The Wireless Connection Is Secured By Roku Device To Your Home Access Point or Router.
  4. Finally, With The Help Of ISP, Your Roku Will Grant Access To The Internet

Now Let Us Review The Various Internet Connectivity Issues Occur In The Roku Streaming Player-


The Error Message No Connection To Wireless Network.


It Should Take Too Much Time To Make The Connection After Entering The Password As Well As The Wireless Network Name.


In Case The Network Or Internet Connection Is Lost While Trying To Install The Streaming Channel.

Now, After The Issues, We Will Explain The Methods To Fix These Internet Connectivity Issues-

Entering The Correct Name For The Wireless Network-

  • In Case You Entered The Incorrect Wireless Network Name, As A Result, It Will Fail Your Connection.
  • Introducing The Password Correctly
  • While Introducing The Password, You Should Remember It Correctly As The Network Passwords Are Case Sensitive.

Examine Whether The Router Is Operating Properly Or Not-

  • Connect Your Device To The Internet From The Different Device And Check Whether The Router Is Operating Properly. In Case Yes, Then Try To Improve The Wireless Signal Strength.
  • In Case There Is No Working, Restart Your Router Again.

Restarting The Roku Device As Well As Router

To Restart Your Roku Device, Open The Settings And Click On The System Option.

  1. After That Click On The Power And Select The System Restart Option.
  2. Moreover, You Can Directly Unplug The Roku Device From The Power Source And After Few Seconds Plug It Back In The Power Source.

To Restart The Router, Follow The Instructions Provided By The ISP (Internet Service Provider).

  • Moreover, You Can Directly Plug Out For Some Seconds And Again Plug-In Back.
  • Furthermore, In Some Router, There Is Reset Button Present On It. For This Case, You Just Have To Press The Reset Button To Restart The Router.

Important Points To Remember

    1. Both The Router As Well As Roku Device Will Take Some Times To Restart.So Has Patience Until It Gets To Start Again.
    2. In Case Your Roku Device Is Earlier Connected To The Router, Then It Will Automatically Connect Again.

In The Case, You Are Setting Up Roku Device Initially, And Then You Have To Complete The Roku Setup Process First.