Roku player is a streaming device digital media player which is developed by the Roku. gets data via wired or wireless Wi-Fi connection with an internet router. The data is output Switch the help of the audio cables, video cables or HDMI cables. You have to connect Roku streaming player to the Home TV using appropriate input connections. For streaming through Roku Device, you have to activate Roku account.

Setup Roku & Activate Roku.Com/Link Account USA

1. Connect Roku with Home TV and plug-in:

  • To connect the Roku set box you need HDMI cable with the full- sized plugs A/V cables for your Roku device.
  • These cables have not come with Roku device you have to buy it on your own.
  • Plug one end of A/V cable into Roku Set-top box and another end on the suitable port of home TV.

2. Established Internet connection for your Roku:

  • For the Roku Premiere+ and Roku ultra, you have to connect Internet router using wired Ethernet cable which is not included in it you have to buy it
  • Instead of the Ethernet cables, you can also your Wireless connection. For that on a need to enter the username and password to login Roku account.

3. Sign Up or Sign in to Account:

  • After establishing the connection with internet next step is to sign in with your account.
  • To sign up for account you receive Roku Activation Link Code which is unique code which is necessary match the online Roku account which you used on home TV.
  • If you do not have account then sign up and fill the information which is needed.
  • If you have existing Roku account then just Sign In.

Tip: While the setup of the account you have to enter the credit card information to proceed further and you are not charged until you choose your Roku Channels from Roku Channel Store.

4. Connect with content providers you want to watch or use:

  • If you use the Roku device first time and you don’t know how to add content, what channels were or how we able to watch shows, movies from it.
  • Once your Roku player is the setup you are able to see some popular channels list on your Home screen such as Netflix, Amazon,, HBO GO.
  • These channels are already installed on your Roku device. But some the channels are not installed on your Roku device and you have to install it from Roku Channel Store to watch or enjoy.
  • You can do this from the Roku menu on your Home TV. Or from the roku website.
  • Once you choose your channels to watch just click on “Add Channel” option and it automatically installed on your Roku device.
  • After that, you are to see these Roku Channels on your home screen in few minutes.

Tip: MoreoverRoku has special partnership the content provider said M-GO. This not shows the channels as such. It separate Movies channels or TV channels or menu items which you buy. You have to create the M-GO account to order videos. It will charge you with a credit card to buy videos.

What can you do with your Roku Device

  • Able to Watch Streaming Videos.
  • Good listening quality of streaming audio.
  • Play Games and enjoy.
  • Additional but important notes about Roku channels.

Common features that are similar to all Roku Models

  • Full HD 1080p support.
  • Shortcut buttons on your Roku remote of the famous Roku channels such as Hulu, HBO GO or Netflix depend on which Roku model you used.
  • Roku mobile app helps to use your mobile as Roku remote and also to cast personal media to your home TV.
  • You can use Roku mobile app use if you want, at any time as well as anywhere.
  • Find multiple content providers only in one streaming player.

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