How can I use My Roku Mobile App as Remote Control? Roku.Com Support 2020

Roku Mobile App

Stream your Favorite with Roku Mobile App:

Now Roku Comes With Their Newest Update To Their Mobile App For Android And IOS Has A Unique Feature Or Two That You Should Try Out. Moreover, You Can Download The Advanced Roku Mobile App At Either Google Play Store As Well As Your iTunes.

Navigation On Roku Mobile App:

  • First, You Can Notice A Navigation Bar That Is Place At The Bottom Of Roku Mobile App.
  • Next, Hit It Once And You Can Scroll Up A List Of Streaming Channels That Are On Your Roku.Com/Link Device.
  • When You Start The Roku App, You Can Scroll Through All Of Your Streaming Channels – Whether It Is Sling TV, 4K Content And CNN Go.
  • In Addition, You Can Tap What’s On Switch To Search Movies And Shows.
  • Once You Commence A Roku Channels Like Netflix, The Remote Control Axiomatically Seems So You Can Navigate Throughout The Lists To Pick A Movie Or Show.

Some Features That You Must Try On Roku Mobile App:

Remote Control Mode Changes The Screen Of Your Smartphone To Follow The Real Roku Remote. It Is A Related Idea To The Amazon Fire TV App That Runs On Smart Phones. Furthermore, The Keys Look Essentially The Equivalent On Your Smartphone As They Do On The Remote.

Insert Your Headphones Into Your Smartphone For Personal Listening. Additionally, This Is Another Excellent Trait On The Roku Remote. If You Want To View Movies At Night, Then You Can Plug Your Headphones Into Your Smartphone And Open The Roku Mobile App On Your Phone For Private Listening.

Search For Videos Or Preferred Shows With Your Voice. With The Help Of Roku Voice Search, You Can Search Huge Selection Of TV Shows, Movies And Videos With The Use Of Your Enhanced Remote Or The Entire New Voice Search.

Roku Is Not Able To Evince The Monger That Is Providing Voice Identity Technology At This Time. Besides, If You Do Not Have A Voice-Control Choice On Your Roku Remote Control, Your Roku Mobile App Does. Therefore Do Not Think Too Much About That Simply Search For Your Preferred Movies By Speaking Commands Into Your Phone.

Share Your Videos, Music, And Images From Your Smartphone To Your Roku TV. Moreover, You Can Simply Add Content From Your Smartphone To Roku. Apart From This, If You Want More Update Regarding Roku Device, Then You Can Go For Roku.Com/Link Device. Similarly, You Can Visit On Our Website roku com link To Get More Light On Roku’s Latest Updates.

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