Enable Private Listening Using Roku Headphones

Roku Headphones

How To Use Roku Headphones:

Some Of The Roku Streaming Devices Come With The Enhances “Point-Anywhere” Remote That Includes The Roku Headphones Jack. Use Roku Headphones If You Are Unable To Understand Your Streaming Audio Because Of The Noisy Environment. Moreover, You Can Use Roku Headphones If You Don’t Want To Play Audio Through The Roku Speakers And Without Disturbing Anyone. Roku Private Listening Is One Of The Best Features In Roku

Ensure That, Your Device Roku Remote Has The Headphone Jack Or Not. Furthermore, Once The Private Listening Will Engage, You Roku Device Will Not Deliver The Audio Term Through The Speakers. You Can Enjoy The Roku Private Listening By Using Roku Mobile App On Your Mobile Device.

Activate The Roku Private Listening Feature:

  • You Have To Find The Headphone Jack On Your Roku Remote Control
  • Further, You Need To Plug In The Headphones Into The Headphone Jack On Your Roku.com/link Remote Control
  • Once You Connect, You Will See The Headphone Icon Appears On Your TV Screen
  • This Icon Indicates That The Roku Private Listening Has Been Activated
  • Start To Stream Movie Or TV Show
  • After That, Hold The Roku.com/link Near Your Ears
  • Before Start, Adjust The Sound Volume Using The Volume Button
  • Now On Your Roku Headphones, Still You Can Adjust The Sound Volume If Necessary
  • Afterward, You Can Turn Off Or Remove Headphone If Want To Disable The Private Listening

Help For Roku Activation Issues

In Case You Need A Help For How To Activate Private Listening By Using Roku Headphones And Other Roku Problems Like How To Activate roku.com/link account, Setup Roku Remote control Then You Don’t Need To Worry About These Issues You Just Visit Us.

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