The Rebranded Roku Device Brought A Number Of Updated Features To Make Your Experience More Enjoyable. The Latest Roku OS Software Is The Same To Every Roku Box, You Can Access The Same Channel Accepting The Matter Which roku com link You Choose. Before Going Ahead Let Explore www.Roku.Com/Link To Know About The Roku Version With Its Best Features:-

You should be using latest hidden Roku features and tricks

Roku Ultra:

This One Is The Most Powerful Processor As Compared To Any Other Roku Devices. This Version Comes With Roku Advanced Remote, Batteries, Private Listening Headphones, Power Adapter And USB Cable And Has A Range Of Functionality Such As:-

  1. The Roku Ultra Allows The USB Port To Display Videos From External Hard Drive. It Supports FAT16, FAT32, HFS+, And NTFS Drive Formats.
  2. The Optical Audio Allows One To Connect Roku Ultra To Your Audio System.
  3. Use The Voice Remote To Search Almost All Channels And Shows Via Voice Release Without Typing.
  4. In Order To Find Remote, Press The Top Button Of Roku Ultra And Your Remote Will Get Beeping Let Know Where It Is Placed.
  5. Gaming Buttons Are Specialized For Gaming, Just Need To Turn On The Remote Sideways.

Roku Premiere And Premiere+:

Roku Premiere Devices With Adapter, Batteries, Roku Remote But It Does Not Include HDMI Cable To Connect Them With TV. Additional Features Are:The Similarities Between Premiere And Premiere+ Features Are:

  1. The Devices Are Supportive To 802.11ac MIMO Dual-Band Wireless.
  2. These Are Specialized With IR Receiver For Universal Remotes.
  3. Have Night Listening Mode.
  4. Have Dolby Audio Pass Through By HDMI.
  5. Supportive To 720p, 1080pm 4K UHD Video At 60 Frames Per Second.

Additional Features In Roku Premiere +

  • 10/100 Base –T Ethernet Supportive.
  • MicroSD Card For More Channel Storage.
  • Supportive To New HDR Picture Quality Standard.
  • Advanced Point And More Functionality.

Roku Express And Express+:

The Only Difference Between These Devices Is, Roku Express+ Comes With Composite A/V Cables Used For The Older TV. This Is Specialized To Support The Older 480i Video Standard. However, The Other Function Will Be Same Like Standard IR Remote With Channel Shortcut Buttons, Removal Adhesive Strip, Two AAA Batteries, Power Adapter, Micro USB Cable And High-Speed HDMI Cable. Express + Has Composite A/V Cable (White/Red/Yellow). The Roku Express Is Wi-Fi, WEP, WPA And WPA2 (Wireless Security) Supportive As Well As B/G/N Compatible.

The Roku Streaming Stick:

Use Roku Activation Link For Roku Streaming Stick, Is One Of The Prominent Version Use By Millions Of People. This Is Small In Size But Performs Big. You Need Wi-Fi As There Are No Exceptional Ports On Roku Streaming Stick. This Is Best If You Want Quality Streaming With No Frills At A Good Price.

Best & Common Features In All Roku.Com/Link Account

  1. Add Roku  Channels: Once You Have Chosen The Channels And Later You Want To Add More Channels Then Visit Roku.Com/Link Account And Add Channels As Per Your Requirement Whether It Is Paid Or Free Channel. Search The Channels By Typing Or Using The Voice Search.
  2. Roku OS Features: Roku OS Features Are Available On Every Roku Version While Some Features Are Available Only Some Versions. It Is Specialized With Voice Search, Cross-Platform Search, And Many Other Software Features.
  3. Cross-Platform Search: When You Search Specific Show Via Actor Or Title Name, It Searches Through 20 Apps And Let You See Which App The Show Is Available As Well As Know You Whether The Channel Is Free, Paid, Rent Or To Be Purchased.
  4. Roku Voice Search: Disallows The Typing Search And Allow The Users To Search For Movies And TV Shows Via Voice Search. It Is Called A Top-Notch Functionality Of Roku Device.
  5. Roku My Feed: This Allows The Users To Organize The Content That You Watch On Roku. You Need Only To Follow The Favorite Show And Roku Will Know The New Episode Availability Through All Apps.
  6. The Roku Mobile App: It Is Recommended To Be Downloaded By Every Consumer From Google Play Store Or ITunes. This Is The Most Powerful For Operating Roku.Com/Link Setup. All You Need Is Available In This App.

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