Activate using Netflix activation code


Well, this is necessary to know how to add Netflix on Roku by using but firstly you should know some details about Netflix service. Netflix is a paid channel on Roku or you can say that Netflix is on-demand service that provides by Roku. Netflix provides unlimited service for channels, New Year Movies, shows that you can stream through the Roku streaming player. For that, firstly you have to subscribe as well as add Netflix on your Roku streaming player. You have to purchase a plan to stream Netflix. After purchasing your plan, you are able to watch your shows as well as movies easily.

Activate Netflix Using Netflix Activation Code

After activate, you are able to activate Netflix on Roku. You have to follow some step to setup Netflix on your Roku.

  • Go to the Home button from the main menu.
  • And select “Streaming Channel” option from the option list
  • After that, select “Most Popular” option from the list at left side
  • From this list, select the “Netflix” option
  • There are two options, you have to select add channel
  • After selecting that option, click on OK button
  • Now click on “Go to channel” option
  • After activate on Roku, you have to select “Sign In” option
  • To create your account, enter email address and password
  • You Netflix is activated

Add Netflix in Ultra HD:

Netflix is also available on Ultra HD. If you want to add it in Ultra HD quality then follow some steps.

  • Firstly, you should have a home TV which is compatible with Ultra HD streaming.
  • Select your Ultra HD plan for Netflix.
  • Select “Display” option from the Roku home menu
  • Now select the 4k UHD TV
  • And try to watch on Roku again

Online support for

If still, you are not able to activate Netflix on Your Roku streaming player, you can take help from Roku technical support and activate Netflix on Roku. We are always here to provide correct guidance to our users after activation you can enjoy latest shows & movies on Netflix. You can use our online chat support also for instead help.

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