Latest Roku OS 8 Upgrade Enhanced Entertainment Features

Roku OS 8 upgrade

Recently, Roku enhances its services with some updated features. Enjoy your favorite contents by using new functions. Well, Roku streaming box modifies with the high-quality operating system. This new OS 8 allows you to access over-the-air TV contents. Also, the Apple TV and Amazon added Roku OS 8 Upgrade Enhanced entertainment features to their set-top boxes. Similarly, other companies also want to add features like 4k, HDR picture quality, Roku Voice Search, private listening and enhanced functions. Further, Roku player becomes more popular with including Roku latest features.

To start with Roku streaming stick, this is a very cheap device. But the Roku streaming stick is the best device as well as the smallest streaming player. Now, Roku streaming stick includes high processors and numerous advanced functions. As it is enhanced so you can use voice search feature if you want to stream any content on your big TV. Along with power buttons, you will be able to control Roku streaming functions. Furthermore, the Roku devices come with HDR and 4K Ultra HD picture feature.  There are many Roku boxes in different sizes, which included OS 8 features. The enhanced devices are such as Roku express, Roku express plus, Roku streaming stick, Roku streaming stick plus and Roku ultra.

What are the enhanced features Roku OS 8 devices:

  1. TV everywhere

This category of Roku streaming services gives you unlimited streaming contents. In this time, you can watch 30+ channels from TV everywhere category. It only requires the login credentials of your account.

  1. Private listening for the antenna TV

The Roku users can connect Roku streaming players with the antenna. Get the local antenna broadcast contents on your big screen. Now you can get a private listing feature on your Smartphone. You just have to download Roku mobile app on your android phone. Instead of this, if you are using Roku ultra then you do not need to install Roku mobile app because Roku ultra remote has an earphone jack.

  1. Fast TV start

The Roku devices become five times faster than the previous version. Likewise, when you turn on your Roku player, it will in few seconds so that you do not need to wait. Also, the Roku users no need to setup System options. Simply, connect the Roku box cable with power outlet and turn on it instantly.  

  1. Smart guide

First of all, the Smart guide featured only for Roku TVs models. So you can take guidance from “Smart guide” feature. This is a very useful latest Roku features for users. However, when you will plug in the aerial input to Roku TV a smart guide, it will show you all details.

Besides this, if you need guidance to activate your Roku player then visit us. Our Roku experts are always ready to give you help regarding Roku devices.

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