How to Create American Roku Com Account Outside of USA

American Roku com account

Roku is a streaming box so you can stream this device from anywhere. But you need to do some efforts to setup Roku device from the outside of the USA. There are many streaming channels you can watch from outside of USA. Do you want to install and create outside the USA? Then do not worry about it. Here you can get accomplish steps to install Roku box from Outside of USA country. Well, Roku’s services in the USA is easy but outside of the USA, you need to perform some steps. Let’s discuss the steps to Activate American Roku com account.

Firstly, you have to register a US roku com link account. Also, the users need a fake identity to access Roku channels like Hulu Plus, HBO, Crackle etc. These two conditions can be possible through Unlocator service.

Create and Activate American Roku com account Outside the USA

  1. Firstly, you need to visit Unlocator service to create a personal account.
  2. Once you have created an account on Unlocator service website, you need to setup your router to use Unlocator service.
  3. Now you need to reboot your router and then restart your router for next step.
  4. Afterwards, go to your Unlocator account and check you have three green ticks on your account’s Homepage.
  5. Next, remove your Roku player from the internet connection.
  6. After that, open your browser and type Roku com link in the address bar, then click “go” option.
  7. From the Roku, owner site select the USA as your nation. Similarly, you have to create a zip code.

Note: In the USA country Zip code has five digits, so you need to make a zip code related your credit card.

Further, do the following steps to reset your Roku device:

  • Go to your Roku Home screen by pressing Home button.
  • Press “up” button and choose Settings menu.
  • Move to “Factory reset” section and click on factory reset option it will ask you “Do you want to reset your Roku player?” simply click on yes option.
  • Once you have reset your Roku device, you need to setup Roku player as well as connect it to the internet connection.

That’s all; you have done Roku setup TV process on the outside of the USA country. Similarly, you can use Unlocator service to use various Roku services such as you can watch Roku private channels. Besides, you can install latest Roku channels on your Roku player like CNN Live, HBO Go, NowhereTV and HGTV, FX Networks on Roku etc. Moreover, the Unlocator services change your real location in the USA country so that you can easily stream Roku channels.

Now, enjoy numerous Roku streaming services from outside the USA country. Hopefully, you have able to start your Roku player outside of the USA country. If still, you are getting troubles then communicate with our Roku chat support team. Our Roku experts will resolve your issues without wasting your much time.

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