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History channel is a popular television channel that is providing the users interesting historical and informational TV shows like Pawn Stars, Baggage Battles, Rick’s Restoration, Ancient Aliens, etc. It was launch in the year 1995 and has a picture quality of 1080i which is suppressed to 480i for SDTVs. Along with cables and satellite TV, the History channel is available to watch on various streaming devices. Activate channel on your Roku streaming device to watch all the episodes of the popular History channel TV shows.

Watch History Channel on Roku

Roku streaming devices are pre-enable with the Channel Store which is an app store for Roku. From the Roku Channel Store, you can download and add many apps and channels to your Roku streaming device. To add the History channel to your Roku device, follow the steps given below and receive the code.


In order to activate History channel, you can add the channel app from Roku Channel Store. To do this:

  • Turn on your Roku streaming device.
  • Go to the Roku home screen by pressing the home button on the remote.
  • On the Roku home screen, use the arrow buttons and toggle to the ‘Streaming Channels’ option.
  • Press the OK button.
  • This will take you to the Roku channel store from where you can add and activate History com activate channel. Press the right arrow button to conduct a search.
  • Enter the channel name and on History channel page at in the Roku channel store, select the ‘Add Channel’ option.

How to Enter code

In order to activate the History channel on your Roku streaming device, you need to receive the History channel activation code. To receive the activation code and activate the History channel on your Roku device:

  • Press the home button to go back to the Roku home screen. your Roku should bed connected with your account
  • Launch the History Channel app and you will receive the history activation code.
  • Visit Roku on your mobile phone or computer and enter this code in order to activate the History Channel.

Watching History on Roku via Streaming Services

You can also watch History channel on your Roku streaming device by subscribing to the following streaming services:

Philo TV

Philo TV is a new and popular streaming service in America. It is a very cheap alternative to the cable TV and provides a large number of channels to its users including the History channel. You can and add and subscribe to the Philo TV channel app on your Roku streaming device from the channel store.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu is another world recognized streaming service that does not require the code to add the History channel. Along with History channel, you can stream many more channels on Hulu with Live TV like HGTV, CNN, Nat Geo Wild, Travel Channel, ESPN, USA Network, etc.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now streaming service was launched in the year 2016. It is owned by the AT&T Network. One of the most subscribed streaming services in America, DirecTV Now provides you the access to various channels like HGTV, Discovery, ESPN, History, etc. You can activate DirecTV Now streaming service to your Roku device from the Roku channel store.

The History channel app will be add to your Roku streaming device. Once the History channel is available to stream on your device then you can stream many popular shows like:

    • Pawn Stars
    • American Pickers
    • Vikings
    • Tesla Files
    • The Truck Nights in America
    • Swamp People

These were the ways you can activate History channel app on Roku. For more information and details contact us and get your free quote.

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