If you are looking for the setup and activate the new Roku device, firstly you have to Enter Roku Code from your home TV. If you don’t know how to enter Roku code or facing trouble while entering the code into roku.com/link account then read this post carefully, here we discuss how to enter Roku code as well as resolve activation issues.

Enter Roku Code on Home TV:

There are few steps to enter the Roku Activation Code which is listed below.

Roku.com/link Support for some Roku Issues:

  • Issues during roku.com/link activation

    Enter roku code
    Enter Roku code to Start Streaming.
  • Unsuccessful process in Roku Activation
  • Roku Activation Code doesn’t show on your Home TV
  • Your Roku remote is not responding as well as not working properly
  • Generate Roku Errors Codes 001,003,005,011,012,014
  • Unable to connect with WI-FI or other provided network connection

Follow these steps to setup your Roku Device:

  • Setup of streaming media device is the complex job but not anymore if you have Roku.
  • Roku activation is easy by following best systematic approach given below
  • Quickly setup Roku device and enjoy your favorite channels, TV Shows, and movies for the first time. For that let’s open the magical Roku setup box.
  • For setup of Roku Player, you need Roku Player, Power adapter, Remote control, Standard batteries, Standard cable and quick start setup guidance.

Activate Roku device using Roku Activation Code:

The first step is to link your Roku device with your home TV:

  • Firstly, you have to check the HDMI port on your home TV and the Roku device.
  • Connect your Roku device with your home TV via HDMI ports using wire supplied in Roku box.
  • Power up your Roku device by plug power adapter in the wall socket and also insert the power connector in Roku device.
  • Add standard batteries into your Roku remote to boost.
  • Note that you insert (-) batteries first.
  • If you want to use a wired network, use Ethernet wire cable.
  • Connect one end of Ethernet port on Roku device and other ends of Ethernet port on the router.

Roku Enter code Display Roku Setup :

If Your Roku Device Is Linked Then Next Step To Start Visual Setup Process Which Is Given Below

  • Now you are able to see Roku welcome screen on home TV
  • If still, you are unable to see Roku screen, check your power connectivity and also your display source such as TV input
  • Next is select language for your Roku device to operate or understand instruction which shows on TV screen
  • Connect the internet via Ethernet. One other option to connect is WI-FI
  • If you choose WI-FI connection, Roku automatically look available wireless network
  • Select your network name from available network and enter the WI-FI password which is easily learned to you
  • Once your Roku device is connected to the internet, green ticks are shown on Home TV
  • Then, ask to update the necessary and latest software
  • Click ok to continue to process
  • Don’t worry if Roku screen is off, Roku will restart when the software update is complete
  • After that Roku Code is given to link your Roku device
  • Use Roku Link Code to complete display setup process
  • Submit Roku com link Code online at roku.com/link.
  • If you are unable to complete the visual setup process then you also take Roku Technical Support as well as Roku Activation Services

Roku.com/link Account Activation :

After the visual setup process, last step but very important step is to activate roku.com/link account step listed below

  • Setup your roku.com/link account
  • For that please visit roku.com URL
  • Now you are able to browse and choose favorite Roku channels and add it to your collection from the wide range of channels
  • Finally, the setup process of Roku and account is complete.
  • Now you are ready to enjoy online streaming of Roku device which is an offer by us.
  • Your favorite channels and movies of your interest and TV shows are just a click away now.