About Roku.Com/Link Activation:

ROKU is one of those stars which shine the brightest among its peers. They have their heritage well decorated from its conception in October 2002. ROKU’s legacy is to stay shining for a long time thanks to their innovative technology and committed thought of quality-entertainment. Thus with a wide range of world-class entertainment products and an international quality of Digital-Entertainment, ROKU is just the best. Roku streaming devices have the capability to turn any TV into a smart TV and with the help of activate roku.com/link an established network connection, show the users the best of TV entertainment that is available in any part of the world.


The Roku device gives the users access to many online video streaming platforms like Netflix com activate, Hulu, HBO Go, YouTube, Amazon, Starz, CNN, Psvue.com/acivate and many more all at one single platform. After the release of Roku in 2008, people were able to convert their TVs into all-in-one entertainment systems and were completely satisfied with the Roku products. The users only had to follow a simple procedure of Roku Com Link activation, through roku.com/link account after which, the doors to the futuristic levels of streaming were opened for them.

Launched by an American Private Company, Roku still had to grow more after its release. By every year that passed by, Roku provided more and more amazing features to its users. The experts had envisioned the need for a brilliant streaming service like Roku. So they worked quickly on its implementation. The experts advised Roku like a device which can work on any TV model of the present generation, After getting linked to the user’s personal account for safety and privacy purposes at www.roku.com/link.

Roku.Com/Link: Most Important Easy Roku Setup Guide 2020

The Roku com link is a simple procedure required for activating each, and every Roku device ever sold. This also increased the ease of use of Roku, and in the following years, Roku witnessed a whopping reach of customers eagerly waiting to enjoy the streaming experience Roku provides.


  1. Type of connection: Audio/Video:

Your Roku streaming device can connect to your TV using the HDMI HDCP 2.2 port. The HDMI port is the most suggest requirement for setting up Roku as both audio and video signals can be transfer through HDMI. In case, if your TV does not support HDMI or is a very old model, Roku can also connect to your TV using the component or composite cables. Here’s what HDMI, Component, and Composite cables actually mean in a layman’s tongue:

Composite Cables: Giving AV support to Standard Definition compatible devices.

Component Cables: Giving AV support to 720 pixels High Definition compatible devices.

HDMI Cables: Giving AV support to 1080 pixels High Definition compatible devices.

  1. Networking Types:

All of the major Roku streaming device models can connect to a wired or wireless network connection. Once the connection is done, the user is able to add his favorite channels, and stream TV shows and movies from the Internet. To stream live sports and news, the requirement of a network connection is obvious. Here’s how you can set up a network connection on Roku.

Wired Connection

You can set up a wired connection on your Roku device using the Ethernet cable.

Wired connect: Wiring Work

  • Only use Roku manufactured cables and adapters, (always provided with your Roku product or you can purchase new ones if needed) to set up your Roku device with your TV.
  • Connect one end of the company provided HDMI cable to the HDCP 2.2 supported HDMI port of your TV and connect the other end to your Roku device.
  • Use the power cord and adapter to connect the Roku device to a power supply extended or wall outlet.

Wireless Connection

The wireless connection is the preferred connection type for Roku as it gives the ease of access to users, and also allows Enhanced Point-Anywhere Roku remote to sync with the streaming device.  Wireless connection is also the only way to activate roku.com/link on Roku streaming stick models. You can use a Wi-Fi network to establish a wireless network on your Roku system.

  1. Connect The Roku to Network.
  2. Connecting The Roku to your Television.

Wireless Connect: System Configuration

  • On the first time startup, your Roku device will ask you to make a language selection. Select your preferred language using the Roku remote.
  • Connect your device to a wireless network by selecting “Connect to a network>Wireless” or just simply plug the Ethernet cable to set up a wired connection.
  • Your device will display you a Roku activation code to activate roku.com/link.
  • You have successfully setup your Roku device.

3. Roku Software Installation and Updates Information:

To provide you the latest buzz and up-to-date services, Roku has the inbuilt feature to update automatically to the latest software available when it connects to the internet first time. After successfully updating to the latest system software, the device reboots. This may take some time so please be patient while the Roku system reboots.

To manually update the system software:

  • Press the home button on your Roku remote control.
  • Select “Settings
  • Select “Systems
  • Choose System update.
  • Select “Check now” and your Roku device will start searching the internet for available software updates.
  • The device will inform you regarding any update available.
  • Select “update” to update your system software.

So Easy: Setup Roku.Com/Link Account USA:

Roku.com/link activation needs to be done only once to allow your Roku device to connect to your Roku account. Usually, you are required to perform this step the first time you set up your Roku streaming device. Scroll above if you still have not set up your Roku streaming device and follow the steps given, or else, you can create a new Roku account after activating roku.com/link. Once you have set up your Roku streaming device, you are ready to validate your roku.com/link account.


To Activate Roku.Com/Link Account US:

1. Get on your PC or mobile phone and open any web browser. Type www.roku.com/link in the URL bar and hit enter.

2. After the web page loads, you will see a “link code” box asking you to enter the activation code which is present on your TV screen.

3. Enter the Roku link code to successfully activate your Roku com link device. You can either sign up for a new Roku account or sign in to your old one.

4. You will be ask for some information relating to your name, email address, etc.

5. Create a secure password for your Roku account. Afterwards, you are require to use this password every time you log into your Roku account.

6. Roku will ask you to create a Roku transaction PIN. It is a four-digit PIN which authorizes the use of your Roku account for making any purchases in the Roku channel store.

7. You can also use this PIN to add any channel from the Roku channel store at google.com, even the free ones.

8. At last, you will be ask to enter your details for activating roku.com/link account.

In case if your Roku device is not displaying the roku.com/link validation code, you need to apply for a new link code.

  1. Press the “Star” button on your Roku remote control and select “find a new Roku.com/link code.”
  2. A new Roku activation code will appear on your TV screen. Once the new code appears, get on your PC or mobile and follow the above-given process to activate roku.com/link.

You have successfully performed the roku.com/link activate validation.

Adding Roku Channels to Roku.com/link account

  • You will require to add or remove Roku channels to your Roku device to start streaming. Either opt for the free channels or subscribe the channels you want to stream from the Roku channel store.
  • For purchasing a paid Roku channel, choose your method and enter valid details.
  • You will be asked to enter your Roku transaction pin which you had previously setup. While creating your Roku account.
  • A congratulatory message will be display on your TV screen once the channel is add. Now your are ready for streaming your favorite content.

With all the steps given above, your Roku device is successfully set up. Activated with channels added to stream anything you want. For any additional information feel free to contact Roku.com/link and our experts will get back to you shortly.